Day 7.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

Tony robbins

One week down. After a full week of completing these workouts, I have to say that I feel amazing. Tired, but amazing. My focus has been on consistency, so at 5:30 every morning, I get up, complete, and track my workouts. Afterwards I take time fo myself (before my family gets up for the day and I have to get ready for work). The best part about these workouts is that they are only 20-30 minutes long, so I still have time for life! This normally means making a coffee or tea and reading, journaling, meditating or now “blogging”. Anything to set my day up right.

Planning – With the long weekend here in Canada, I was able to spend some much needed time focusing on what will set me up for success in the weeks and months ahead. This is a perfect fit for my morning “self care” routine. My list is rather lengthy, but the most important take aways are: Consistency, Pre-workout (my little shot of happiness in the am), Meal Planning/Prepping, Goal Setting, Journaling and Quality Family time to fill my cup and give me the energy I need to carry on. I’ve always been a procrastinator, so I really do need to take this time weekly to organize myself so I can show up right!

Nutrition– I’ve been drinking my morning smoothies as part of my nutrition plan and trying to eat more mindfully throughout the day. Do I slip up? YOU BET! Life is too short to live on a strict diet and I’m always going to enjoy the occasional glass of wine, cold beer or baked goodie. The difference between me nowadays and me in the past, is that I’m making it a priority to eat in moderation and to be mindful of most choices I make. Long gone are the nights of me bingeing before bed (for the most part at least) and feeling awful and guilty in the morning. Those chips, although delicious, sometimes are just not worth the next day regret. This nutrition plan is actually making the process so much easier it’s its delicious menu options. So simple and clean, and most ingredients are ones you already have in your pantry! Cauliflower Nachos… Who knew?! I will be posting this recipe soon.

Now enough of that food rant… back to the workouts! Lol….

Program– The most amazing part of these morning sessions is the volume of people killing a workout with you! There is something very motivating when you see others tracking a workout while you are sitting around relaxing. I find it gives that extra push we sometimes need to get started. The first week involved a wide range of workout types and exercises all in one program. It’s definitely going to continue keeping me on my toes because who doesn’t love variety to ensure they stick with a new program? This week included HIIT, resistance training, yoga flow, upper and lower body conditioning and MMA. What?! I know right….

Excited to see what this next week brings ❤️

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