Day 14.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”


It takes time to build a new habit. A few weeks to get accustomed to something perhaps, but a few months to really integrate it into your lifestyle and make it part of your life long journey. 100 days is almost the perfect amount of time to get you started with instilling healthy fitness and nutrition habits to last a lifetime.

I won’t lie to you. There are days that a struggle. Days that I wonder why I’m forcing myself out of bed at 5:30 am after a poor sleep, but truthfully, after those 30 minutes… seriously 30 minutes (some people sit on there Facebook account for longer than that in the morning!) I feel like I could rule the world! It’s tough during these workout sessions at times, but having the motivation and drive to continue on really does energize you. It gives you a deeper love and respect for yourself. Ultimately, that is why I am here. That is why I’m doing this in the first place. I will show myself I can accomplish anything and I will show my daughter know that anything is possible if you don’t give up.

When is the last time you felt this way? The last time you were incredibly proud of yourself for sticking to a new program, a new nutrition plan, a new morning routine? I am a firm believer that a lot of people out there do not know the answer to this simple question. And if happiness is what we all truly seek in life, then what are we waiting for?

Program– I’m well into Phase 1 of this program now. Each phase is 20 days, broken down further into 10 unique workouts with progressions as you go through each set of 10. So day 1 and day 11 were similar, but day 11 was also more intense and had a few add ins. To be completely honest, the first 10 sessions were a challenge. It really took me time to figure out the moves and to feel comfortable with the tempo and time under tension, so I was grateful for a slower start. The second 10 however, are now getting fun and when you can complete a move without feeling like you have two left feet the biggest smile seems to cross your face! It’s magical.

Nutrition– I have also discovered over the last few weeks that my body has a hormone (leptin ) that signals to my brain when I’m full! I’ve heard of this phantom ability for years and thought “it must be a lie… I could eat non-stop for hours!!” Ahaha, I’m totally kidding obviously. Portion control has just never been my strong suit. This last weekend however, I went out for a lovely date night, sans kiddo, where we order delicious pasta dishes. I took half, HALF of my meal home. This does not happen around here. Normally I’d start eating with the intention of taking half home, but eventually half would turn into a quarter and then you look at what’s left and think that it’s a waste to even bother taking it home. Now other people may have stopped at that and let the server take it to throw away…. not this girl! I do NOT waste food, it’s just how I was raised. So I’d stuff myself until my stomach hurt and then complain all night of the discomfort I felt. It sounds absolutely ridiculous writing this down and reading it over, but it’s the truth. Couldn’t be more proud of myself and this huge accomplishment right now!!

I feel like this program is allowing me to eat more mindfully and also to be more mindful in my every day decisions. If I don’t want to do something, I say so. If I truly want that dessert, I have it. I’m not one to deprive myself and moderation is the key to success.

This girl is on a roll ❤️

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