Day 35.

“Three things in life – your health, your mission, and the people you love. That’s it.”

Naval Ravikant

To keep my eye on the prize during the first 1/3 of this program, I’ve needed to focus on my WHY. Why am I doing this? Why is it so important to me to complete this program? Why do I want others to join, support and inspire me? These questions seemed so simple, but boy were they tough to answer. The truth is… I didn’t really know. Maybe I’m crazy, is that why I wanted to workout for 100 days straight? A sucker for punishment perhaps?

After much reflection I determined my WHY. I wanted to do this for my daughter and for myself. I do believe that our children are always watching us and taking it all in. If she sees her mama staying consistent, motivated and following through and accomplishing her goals, I firmly believe that she will have more confidence to try new things, get uncomfortable and strive to be her best self too. Although I had a tougher week before my last post, I do also believe that this program is helping me build more confidence and acceptance. I will never be the person I was before having my daughter and maybe that’s ok now. I’m slowly becoming the person I want to be. My mental health still wavers from time to time, but I’ve noticed less overall stress and anxiety…. or is it just me thinking this?! Only time will tell.

I have also noticed a physical transformation over the last 30 days that has been surprising to say the least. I’ve always been in good shape, so my expectations on this end weren’t anything to focus on… BUT, I have definitely noticed an increase in strength. I’ve gone up 2.5-5 lbs on most of the exercises… except arm raises. I really dislike arm raises! Lol. I’ve also noticed that my clothes are fitting differently and I’m interested to see how my body composition shifts over the next 65 days. Two months is a long time, so much can happen. I can’t wait to see what else does.

First picture 7/28/19. Second picture 8/25/19. Down 3 inches overall, but up in the booty! Don’t mind my super pale skin (we’ve literally had no summer)! Lol

Of course these physical changes would not have been possible without more focus on my diet. I’m definitely a moderation kind of girl, except when it comes to wine, nibs, salsa, pretzels, hot sauce, beer, pastries and peanut butter. Obviously not together… but all are great! Snacking is my jam and I have a hard time toning down my portions. I can be a mindless eater and have made this a priority to fix. To curb my snacking (pit of guilt and despair as I like to refer to it), I ensure to always have cut veggies, hard boiled eggs, canned beans, washed fruit available and zucchini nooodles OR cauliflower rice on hand for my side dishes. They make quick and easy snacks and meals that help keep me on track. Yay, Meal Prepping 🙌🏼

Do you have any great meal prep hacks to share with me? Or do you need ideas to stay on top of your nutrition? Please reach out either way… we all must help each other stay on track as changing a habit takes time, focus and energy.

Continuous focus on my nutrition will have to be priority #1 as I get into Phase 3 next week. It’s time to kick this into high gear and see what my body is really capable of. With the yoga and stretching breaking up the higher intensity workouts, I’ll make sure to take advantage of them and enjoy those slow paced days for muscle recovery.

Burpees…. I’m coming for you <3.

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