Day 42.

“Strength does not come from the physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”


Clarity and focus is what I’m feeling right this minute. I’ve never enjoyed a program so much before, this is totally new territory for me. I love it. I now completely see how 20-30 minutes of exercise a day can do wonders for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Mind blown.

Before I had my daughter, I was a planner at heart. Trips… Planned them. Social events… Planned them. Dinners… Hosted them like they were going out of style. Over the past 3.5 years though, I’ve found it difficult to do the research, coordinate and actually plan the damn things. It’s unfortunate because it was such a fun part of my life which I enjoyed immensely. Well… It’s time for her to rejoin the world! This program is providing me with the mental clarity and focus to want to start doing some of these things again. Maybe I won’t bite off as much as I used too, but I’m definitely more excited about hosting a party, organizing an outing and hopefully soon, planning our next BIG vacation! 2020-21 in NZ perhaps?! Here’s hoping!

This mental shift I’ve noticed is comforting and really exciting for me. You can loose so much of yourself during motherhood and maybe this shows that some things can come around full circle? I do know that I’ve changed as a person. I have different interests, priorities and focuses now, but a little glimpse of the old Kristin is comforting at times.

I’m positive that the nutritional side of this program has been helping as well. Fueling your body with natural, unprocessed foods has to do wonders for you in so many ways. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy crackers, precooked easy for you meals, and treats occasionally. I would love to say that this will change, but I’m not so sure I can guarantee that. Although I’m still nowhere near perfect and eat more during my meals than I really need too, I’m a more mindful eater than I was before. Baby steps still, but I accept it and will continue to grow and adapt. I have definitely discovered some incredible recipes over the last few months that I will be sharing when I have time. I think that anyone trying to become more physically active and wanting to have more energy will benefit from these nutrient dense healthy and filling options. Be sure to follow me if you’d like to be updated when I post a new recipe.

I am almost half way through my program now and already starting to look into what program I want to roll into once this ends. I did make a commitment with a friend who started a few weeks after I did, that I’d jump back to where she was and complete it with her to show support. It’ll be nice continuing this one for an additional few weeks knowing what to expect from the workouts and to see where I can help myself grow further. What can I say… I love my internal competitor and I love my friend for having the gusto to jump on board knowing everyone else was ahead of her. That shows such amazing strength and determination in her part.

I really do have amazing friends who support and want nothing but the best for each other. So grateful we can be one another’s cheerleaders and get pushed out of our comfort zones when it’s necessary.

Day 49 to come… can’t believe that means I’ll be half done. Will definitely have to post some transformation details then. Until next time ❤

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