Day 49.

“My protein shake brings the boys to the yard. And they’re like: your muscles are hard. Damn right, my muscles are hard. I could train ya, but I’d have to charge.”


Seriously though you guys… this quote made me laugh so hard I cried. However, after I thought about this and ALL the feedback and compliments I’ve been getting on my body transformation, I thought it was rather fitting. One of the exact comments I received: “Your pipes… omg!! Not like you weren’t fit before all of this, but your muscle gains are incredible!” I have never been so flatter, because this commenters arms have always been my inspiration.

Muscle gains, I push for this. I love muscles. The more the better. They not only provide me with incredible core strength and stability, but also with less overall body pain, higher fat burning potential and a much faster metabolism. Lifting weights truly is the holy grail when it comes to transforming you body to work more efficiently for you. When I was powerlifting, my results were also great… the only problem is doing anything high intensity and running fell by the wayside and I just no longer had the endurance for them. It made my heart break when a short 3 mile run became agony…. so I decide right then and there, that something had to give. Would I have to replace my strength and muscle gains for better endurance? Or would I loose my endurance altogether to keep those pumps?! I decided I wanted both and had to figure out how that would happen.

Luckily, these quick and dirty workouts are not only getting me noticeable results with my muscle gains (keep in mind this is a goal of mine… so I lift heavier weights vs what most people might do), but are also giving me much more energy and the ability to do quick bursts of HIIT. This is incredibly helpful when sprinting stairs, which is my summer love. Now I still have days where I fall onto my bed and don’t want to move because I’m sore and tired, but doing this program consistently has allowed my body to adapt to the constant changes nicely. I mean constant changes because no two workouts are ever the same.

I have found that most people can see the results they want with 5 main focuses: Consistency, A clear reason “Why” you want to reach your goal, Proper nutrition (for the most part), A desire to change your lifestyle and Willpower to say no to old habits not serving you!

Some changes made are easier than others and a real focus needs to be on the little adjustments along the way, so sooner or later they can become habits and part of your every day routine. Everything takes time and this life is NOT a race to the finish. It’s a marathon which requires focus and attention on your goals.

Until next time ❤ Here’s to my next 50 days!!!

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