Day 77.

Starting something can be easy, it is finishing it that is the highest hurdle.” 

Isabella Poretsis

Less than 25 to go!! And boy does it feel even more amazing than I thought it would! This week has been all about being patient with myself, my family, career and my life in general. I’m the type of person who gets really wrapped up in the minut details and traps herself into thinking more is always better. For the first time in ages, I challenged myself with time. Time to relax, spend quality moments with my love’s and get caught up on things I’ve been pushing off due the the amount of crap on my plate always. It’s amazing what we are willing to put ourselves through. Anything to wear the “I’m so busy” badge of life. Why does it always seem like we are bragging about being so busy we cannot catch up?! Strange. Don’t you agree?

I’m not sure if you enjoy meditation or yoga nidra or person development of any kind, but I am a huge fan of them all. Firstly I’m very green at meditating, but if I can calm my mind down for even 3 minutes I take that as a huge win! Yoga nidra I use mostly to relax me into sleep so my to do list goes blank and I’m not thinking about all the tasks I need (OR WANT) to complete. The third though, personal development, is definitely key to my happiness!! If I’m not growing and learning, I’m not happy. I need a challenge in my life and right now, that is mostly my new fitness venture into online coaching… mostly for PD I use a combination of podcasts and books. Podcasts while I’m driving around throughout the day working and the books for before bed or that speck of time between my morning workout, making my morning shake, and getting myself and my daughter ready for the day. If you enjoy podcasts, please let me know which ones and why. I have so many to listen too and I’ll Probably never get through them all or catch up on one specific show, but I do love to try! Ha ha… again, it’s all about the challenge! Right now my favourites have to be:

  • The Best Life Podcast (mostly for fitness and life insights)
  • Rise by Rachel Hollis (for business inspiration and empowerment)
  • The Brendon Show (for quick burst of motivation when needed)

Currently I am reading “Girl, Stop Apologizing “ by Rachel Hollis which I think is fantastic…. maybe it’s my Canadian way, but oh man, do I like to apologize! Lol. When I’m done reading this book, I hope I will listen to that Title! #sorrynotsorry

I had another rough nutrition week. Aside from being Canadian Thanksgiving (the best holiday EVER!!) It is also my birthday weekend, so needless to say I indulged… A lot. I went from no alcohol in 4 weeks to a few drinks per night. I basically hit my quota for the month anyways…. whoopsy doo (as my daughter would say) Lol. You know what though, I’m also a firm believer that depriving myself is not the way to go. There will be times where I eat way more than my regular portion. I will also have times where I want two desserts or an entire bottle of wine. The thing is that I don’t do it often, in fact almost never. So.. when it does happen, I’m not going to throw in the towel and admit defeat because this is my one life and I’m going to do the best I can every day. Every day gives me a fresh start, a new opportunity to fuel my body and mind as best I can. I will live the best life for my mind, body and soul.

My nutrition has also not helped me much these past few days with my workouts! I’m getting them done, but I’ve felt a little sluggish. I believe it’s the ebb and flow of fitness, life, etc. It’s impossible to be on all the time and to feel amazing all the time. It’s just one of those weeks, but the consistency of my routine will again get me through like it has before and will again! I can totally understand the struggle though from a perspective of som on who does not workout regularly or is trying to build a new routine. That sluggishness can wreak havoc on your mindset and can cause you to want to throw in the towel!! DON’T DO IT! Don’t let that negative self talk impede your progress because as soon as you push through and get it done, you’ll be that much stronger and more likely to continue one.

Anyways, that’s enough of that rant.

I wanted to focus on a few tricks for my next thanksgiving dinner which falls tomorrow. I know this is something that people always ask me about… “How do you ensure you aren’t throwing out your nutrition goals over the holidays?” Quick answer… become a fitness coach! Ahaha…, just kidding. With so much to eat, drink and indulge in, how can a person stay on track? Truthfully, I still struggle with this each holiday season, but now I no longer like the feeling of stuffing myself to the brim and laying on the couch with the button of my pants undone… believe me it’s happened. That gross feeling where it almost hurts to sit up straight. No fun right?

Now, I focus on the mindfulness. I always start by having my glass of wine because… why not?! But that wine also helps me feel content so I don’t want to eat the 100 appetizers sitting in front of me. I also now try to stay clear of the appetizers or grab a plate, fill it with the veggies first and a small scoop of dip then walk away!!! If I’m standing by the food I WILL continue to graze all evening long. Then when it comes to dinner, I make sure that half of my plate is veggies (cooked, fresh, salads, doesn’t matter) a quarter is protein and a quarter is the rest of the carbs etc. I LOVE sauce and oaken feel satisfied if I skimp out on it, so I still use my gravy, cranberry sauce etc, but I don’t flood my plate anymore. Then I will have just a small sample of dessert. I focus on eating slow and ALWAYS have a full glass of water with dinner.. (or right before) to ensure I’m not a ravenous eating machine. It helps me take my time and I also engage in as much conversation as possible. I’m a fast eater and can normally pack down two plates before anyone else finishes one, so talking and drinking water makes me slow done.

Not sure if anyone finds that handy!! But it does help me. What are a few tricks you use to not overindulge too much through the holiday season?? I’d love to hear it.

Happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends! Until next week ❤

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