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“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Carl Bard

Take a look at these two photos above. The first was me one year ago vs now. I know by looking at them there isn’t a huge difference in my physical appearance… but what has changed is inside me. With my post partum depression struggles, I became closed off, insecure, definitely not the confident young woman I was before having my daughter in March of 2016. I can’t quite pinpoint when this change took place inside me… but it took a long time for me to truly admit to myself and others that something was wrong. It felt like I lost a piece of me and was struggling so hard to get it back. Maybe it was my sense of independence since I had my daughter later in life? Maybe it was completely a hormonal thing? It’s hard to say at this point. All I know is that I needed something to get me out of my funk. Out of this hole of despair and negativity that ended up consuming me every day. I became very closed minded, indecisive and a nagger… all. the. time. I was beside myself at how I was treating those I loved most, including myself. Something had to give.

I needed something to pull myself out of this downward spiral of negativity. Something to provide some excitement and a challenge in my currently unspectacular life. I worked out regularly, thank goodness, as I feel it really helped me stay as level as I could. Otherwise I’m not sure where I would have been! However, the fun had left my regular fitness routines. I no longer enjoyed creating new programs and researching new trends in the industry. No longer wanted to wake up and get going. Everything became stale. I worked out more because I knew I needed too, NOT because I wanted too.

Then earlier this year a fitness coach reached out to me online. She was super perky, cheerful and threw positive vibes like no other. Totally unlike me… It was almost too much to handle. When you are in that negative mindset, it’s so difficult to see the love in the simple things and gestures…she was handing me an olive branch. It was then that I absolutely knew I needed a change. Of course my negative self talk got the best of me, again. It was telling me that I couldn’t do it and I wasn’t worthy of more. This coach felt like my exact opposite and after thinking about it for literally months, I knew it was what I needed. I needed to shock my system and get myself completely out of my comfort zone. I tried to get help in other ways for my PPD and anxiety, but nothing was working and I felt that if this could help it was worth a try.

I jumped on in with both feet and started my coaching journey June 27, 2019. I cannot imagine NOT taking this leap into the unknown. I’m still in the learning process, but I’ve grown so much these last few months. More outgoing, confident and energized. Now, I don’t even need an alarm in the morning. At 5:15am I pretty much jump out of bed, ready to start my day (seriously though, ask my husband!) Lol. I love that I don’t have to think or plan my next workout, it’s an easy no brainer, so I can save my mental energy for things that truly need my focus. Besides, why plan my own when I know I’ll get a great sweat in every day regardless.

I now get to share my true passion with others. By showing up each day, I get to help encourage positive lifestyle changes, support, push and hold others accountable. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. I hope by sharing my progress and my fitness journey that I’m helping others learn to incorporate new healthy habits, engage with like minded individuals and inspire themselves to start their own journeys too. It’s a beautiful thing.

Sorry, I just realized how long winded I am today… Lol. #sorrynotsorry

If you can relate to any of this or are feeling me in any way, please reach out. I’d love to hear about your goals, hopes and dreams. Let me help you make them a reality!!

Now is the perfect time to find out what this opportunity entails and if it’s the fit you’ve been looking for! Let’s help inspire others to lead a life of love, passion and health, while working on ourselves (not to mention earning some extra $$)!

Are you interested in working out with me? Let me help you challenge yourself and create a healthy, well balanced lifestyle, while connecting with an amazing community!

Reach out to try a free sample or two!! No matter what your fitness goals or level, I’ve got you covered!Please reach out directly and I can help find the perfect workout for you.

You can also connect with me through:
Instagram @kschiele.afithaven
Facebook @ Kristin Schiele

Everyone’s got to start somewhere ❤️

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