Healthy Eats

People who love to eat are always the best people.”

JULIa child

If you happen to know me, you know that I absolutely ADORE everything about food. Quite frankly, I think I have an obsession with it. Now I don’t take this lightly and I do know that many people out there struggle with massive issues and anxiety towards food. I can only imagine how real and scary that struggle would be with all the noise around us telling us what to put into our bodies and then dealing with your own cravings and willpower. I think there is a way to have a heathy obsession though, and I believe that making your own meals, putting love into your cooking, and being mindful of portions and ingredients, can really help you enjoy the process without fear. I’m all about moderation and think that having a little bit of something you crave is always better than avoiding it like the plague and then bingeing at midnight after a stressful day (I’ve been there!).

I believe that having a healthy relationship with food starts in your own kitchen. Not only do I love researching and trying out new recipes from around the world, I also love to improvise and make them my own by adding additional ingredients, omitting what I do not like, etc. It’s so much fun and although not every recipes is perfect, actually some are down right terrible, I enjoy the process of trying out new things immensely.

Food is such a great way to express yourself and get creative. It’s also a time to bond and share quality time with your loved ones. The days when I can get my family in the kitchen are the days my cup truly feels full to the brim! Now if only I can get my husband on board more often! Ha Ha. I do believe cooking instills a healthy lifelong habit. For children to see the thoughtfulness and time put into making meals for your family, they will in turn hopefully do the same as they grow older. Any time I pull out my cutting board, my daughter is right next to me asking to help as she grabs her cute little mermaid apron… unless Disney is on, then I’m flying solo. But gosh, when she helps me, it makes my heart happy.

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do creating them. They are from my heart to yours <3.

Sweet and Satisfying Snacks

Healthy Homemade Granola

Matcha Energy Bites

Coco Lemon Energy Bites

Chocolate Oat Energy Bites

Pumpkin Spice Latte Energy Bites

Chocolate Brownie Energy Bites

Breakfast favourites

Blueberry Lemon & Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

Fruit and Nut Breakfast Cookies

Savoury Snacks

Rainbow Shrimp Salad Rolls

Thai Hummus

Super Power Green Egg Cups

Healthy Vegetarian Meals

Flavourful Vegetarian Cabbage Soup