Anxiety and the Holidays.

It’s almost time to switch from my everyday anxiety to my fancy Christmas Anxiety.


Yes, this quote seems a little humorous and like I’m trying to lighten up the topic… maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Anxiety is definitely no joke… but for this time of year when one dreads the holidays because of the anxiety it creates, it made sense to “lighten this post up a little”.

I know that most people do LOVE the holiday season, and many years ago I was right in line with them. I enjoyed all the festivities, all the food, drinking into the wee hours and overbooking myself with family and friends. Hopping around from place to place didn’t really phase me…. this of course was before I developed symptoms of anxiety.

After having my daughter and suffering from postpartum depression, anxiety just seemed to develop out of no where and never left!

I don’t know about you, but with having these issues over the last few years, the holidays started making me incredibly anxious. 

I stressed about balancing my work obligations with time for rest and relaxation, holidays parties and the insane amount of people we need to visit each year. The thought of booking a lot of plans or having big groups over started to stress me out as well. So did having to visit each and every person so they could see our daughter. It became too much and I stopped enjoying all of it.

I stopped enjoying the hustle and bustle of the most wonderful time of the year and started to dread it… knowing that my time was no longer my time and everyone else’s priorities seemed to overshadow my own. 

Not this year. I have convinced myself them I’m done feeling this way. My daughter is of an age where Christmas is becoming increasingly exciting for her. The lights, parties, gingerbread houses and decorating… not the mention the gifts. She loves it all! Lol.

So I’ve decided to also love it all. I’m taking Christmas back to a more manageable level. So this year, I have the following game plan:

  • I will be sticking to my regular routine as much as possible. The things that calm me and that I enjoy (workingout, reading, my “attempting to meditate” it’ll all be there every day. 
  • Saying NO when I really don’t want to do something. Instead of overwhelming myself with plenty of things to do, I will opt out (someone called this JOMO.. joy of missing out and I can’t agree more. The thought of missing out is increasingly exciting!!
  • When I do get anxious, because it’s bound to happen. I will feel it, validate it and then move on. No need to create a downward spiral for myself anymore. It always started with something little and then turned into a big ordeal very quickly.
  • Ill focus on the most important thing. My family. Their joy will bring me more joy and peace. Tis the season.

Everyone is so different, so you need to go into the holidays planning what will work for you. But it’s time we all take back the holidays for ourselves. And if you are still reading this, I hope it can help you even in the slightest way.

Thinking of you all…. more than likely from the comfort of my own home this year. Happy holidays and lots of love ❤

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